Steinberg – Cubase Pro

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OS:Windows 11, 10
Bit depth:x64-bit
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Category:Audio recording
Language:Russian English

Cubase – Steinberg Pro is a multimedia application that allows users to create their own music and edit audio. The program allows you to create projects based on plug-in VTS plugins and a collection of samples. You can download the free cracked version of “Cubase – Cubase Pro” in Russian for Windows 11, 10 using the link below.

Cubase - Cubase ProCubase - Cubase ProCubase - Cubase Pro
Main parameters:

– frequency sampling of digitized sound up to 96 kHz with a bit depth of 32 bits, both for recording and for editing and playing back tracks;
– the ability not only to use plug-in virtual synthesizers (VST instruments), but also to work with VST plug-ins and DX plug-ins
(real-time audio effects);
– the presence of a signal mixer and the option to control studio equipment;
– use of existing and user-created Libraries of sound effects, loops, video files, etc.;
– use of import and export functions for digitized audio in formats other than Cubase;
– control of sound synthesis parameters in graphical mode and use of loops.

For more comfortable and faster work, a mechanism for automating the parameters of sound synthesis, processing and playback is used.

Cubase includes a number of editors that support external control devices.
To create drum instrument parts, a specialized editor is used with the function of editing the table for assigning drum instruments to MIDI keyboard keys.
Using a logical MIDI data editor allows you to automate complex transformations and create unique MIDI parts from built-in MIDI effects.
If the user does not read musical notation, he can use a MIDI keyboard editor to record music. This also contributes to this. a message list editor that ensures absolute accuracy in setting the values ​​of synthesis parameters, durations and moments of sound extraction.

If you're ready to submit your score to a publisher, you have the option of using the notation editor included with Cubase.
It will be easier and faster to learn all the available Cubase tools using this guide.


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