RedNotebook 2.30.0

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Activation:Freeware _
OS:Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Bit depth:x32-bit | x64-bit
Size:25 MB
File type:rar
Category:Organizers, notes, calendars
Language:Russian, English and others

RedNotebook is a free program that is an electronic diary or notebook. RedNotebook will allow you to save all your thoughts, events, and actions in your personal diary. And the written note will be very easy to find using a tag cloud (which is created automatically) or a calendar. RedNotebook is convenient for organizing all life events, has a nice interface, is well made, and has a minimum of settings. RedNotebook has two operating modes, editing and viewing. When working in edit mode, new notes are written or already written ones are changed. The RedNotebook text editor has the basic functionality of a regular text editor and is quite sufficient for writing an extended message. You can download the latest version of “RedNotebook” in Russian for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 for free using the link below.

  • Ability to insert links, images, etc...
  • Ready-made templates that can be automatically applied to each day of the week, or edited (to your taste).
  • A standard template can make working with the program even more comfortable.
  • As notes appear in RedNotebook, the tag cloud with frequently used words is also filled.
  • This is convenient when navigating through posts and clearly displays the interests of the author.
  • Possibility to create a backup copy of the diary (in a .zip archive) or export it to a file (HTML, PDF, LaTeX and text are supported).
  • Convenient navigation through the calendar, all days on which notes were written are marked.
  • After launch, it can be minimized to the system tray, and if necessary, can be called up by clicking on the tray icon.



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