PDF Commander 8.0

Version: 8.0
Activation: Shareware
OS: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP
Bit capacity: x32-bit | x64-bit
Size: 19.0 MB
File type: exe
Category: PDF editors
Updated: 05.01.2024
Language: Russian, English and others
Developer: AMS Software

PDF Commander - a powerful PDF editor from the developers AMS Software which combines the capabilities of a reader, editor and converter, and working in it is much easier than in English-language programs. With its help, you can open any e-books and booklets, file several documents into a single file, adjust reports and contracts, sign papers “by hand” remotely, and much more. You can download the latest version of “PDF Commander” for free from the official website in Russian for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP using the link below.

pdf-commander pdf-commander-2 pdf-commander-3
PDF Commander features:

Convenient document editing:
PDF software allows you to make various changes to files. Add or remove pieces of text, supplement the content with illustrations. You will be able to crop, rotate and delete sheets, as well as insert stamps and electronic signatures.

PDF Conversion:
Need to open a document in a program that doesn't support PDF? There will be no more problems with this. With PDF Commander you can convert the file to another convenient extension. In the editor, you can perform a reverse conversion, turning the original format into PDF.

Combining files and creating a PDF from scratch:
In the program, you can merge several PDF documents into one and combine scanned sheets into a common file. PDF preparation from scratch is also available. You can add text by choosing a font and color, insert pictures, and add page numbers for easy searching.

Data protection:
The program provides tools to ensure the safety of important data. You can set a password for a file, limit access to reading, editing and printing, select a piece of text and hide it. Now your personal information is safe.

Available editing tools:

Cropping, rotating, deleting PDF pages:
Edit the document as needed and save it again as a PDF.

Adding an image:
Insert any pictures into the text to make it clearer.

Stamp catalog:
Apply stamps with one click
in a PDF document.

Entering text with a choice of color, size, font:
Add text to pages and customize the appearance of inscriptions.

Adding bookmarks and comments:
Leave notes as you read, marking important places in the text.

Add sheet numbers to your PDF to make your document easier to find.

Available formats for conversion:



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