OfficeMETRICS 6.0

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OS:Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Bit depth:x32-bit | x64-bit
Size:39.2 MB
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Category:Organizers, notes, calendars
Developer:AMS Software

“OfficeMETRICS” is a program from AMS Software for tracking employee working hours, collecting information about the use of programs and sites, allowing you to dramatically reduce the number of tardiness, reduce the number of distractions on forums and social networks, and also quickly identify unscrupulous employees. With this program, the manager will know exactly what his team is doing during working hours. You can download the latest version of “OfficeMETRICS” for free from the official website in Russian for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 using the link below.

  • Full accounting of employee working hours
  • Monitoring the use of programs and sites
  • Increased corporate security
  • Increasing order and discipline in the company
  • Obvious economic effect in 30 days


  • Automatic recording of working hours:
    “OfficeMETRICS” records the beginning and end of the working day, lunch breaks, pauses, smoke breaks, etc., which allows you to increase discipline and avoid downtime. Using the program, it is easy to “figure out” unscrupulous workers, as well as mark responsible performers.
  • Visual and detailed reports:
    All statistics collected by the program are presented in the form of neat reports. Visual diagrams and informative tables will help you quickly draw the right conclusions. All data is available for several months and even years, which allows you to assess the dynamics of employee work, changes in discipline, etc.
  • Personnel activities are under control:
    The program for keeping track of working hours provides information on the use of applications and sites. You will know exactly how much time is spent on completing tasks and how much time is spent on extraneous activities. Analyze employee activities and optimize the work process.
  • Information security:
    The work of the OfficeMETRICS program is completely legal and does not violate the rights of employees. Unlike spyware, it does not intercept sensitive information. All data is stored and transmitted only within the local network, which ensures high corporate security.
  • Daily work report:
    Every day you will be able to receive a full overview report on what time your employees arrived and left, and whether there were any unauthorized downtime. The data is provided in a convenient visual form. You can choose the display format that suits you: graph or table.
  • Time sheet:
    The program itself will prepare a complete time sheet for all employees of the company. You can specify any reporting period that interests you. All you have to do is analyze the final data, draw conclusions and take action in case of violations or, conversely, reward the most responsible employees.
  • Report on programs and sites:
    You will receive complete information about what software your employees used during working hours, what Internet resources they visited from their work computer. You can view the data in the form of a visual chart or a convenient table. You will have the opportunity to review in detail each activity of the selected employee.



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