Landscape Design 3D 3.35

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OS:Windows 11, 10, 8.1 8, 7, XP
Bit depth:x32-bit | x64-bit
Size:38.8 MB
File type:rar
Category:3D Design and Modeling
Developer:AMS Software

Landscape Design 3D is a program from the developers of AMS Software , with which you can draw the plot of your dreams. Add a house and other buildings that you consider necessary to the plan, draw a fence and lay paths. Plant the plants, place the furniture and choose the decor. As a result of the work, you will receive an accurate site plan and a high-quality 3D model of it. You can download the latest version of “Landscape Design 3D” for free from the official website in Russian for Windows 11, 10, 8.1 8, 7, XP using the link below.

Landscape Design 3DLandscape Design 3DLandscape Design 3DLandscape Design 3D
  • Creating a section:
    Set the length and width of the section as accurately as possible to the actual dimensions. For convenience, go to Plan mode and turn on the grid. When using the function, a ruler will appear. The distance in meters is indicated next to it. Once finished, select the area coverage.
  • Adding a structure:
    Build a fence and make a gate to it. Select a house, change its decoration if necessary: ​​the material of the walls, roof, foundation. Place a bathhouse and a garage, a woodshed and a shed nearby. For the recreation area there are several gazebos, a summer kitchen and a canopy. Place it above the table to avoid getting wet in the rain.
  • Selection of plants:
    Varieties have been added to the library that are suitable for the climate of both northern and southern regions of Russia. There are fruit trees and bushes: apple tree, cherry, plum, black currant, raspberry, gooseberry. Bright flowers will delight you all summer. You can create a unique pattern from them or take a ready-made flower bed. In the garden, make several beds for vegetables and berries, install a greenhouse and a greenhouse.
  • Selection of furniture:
    A simple program for planning a site and a house has everything to arrange a cozy relaxation area: a barbecue and an equipped fire pit, hanging swings, benches, tables and chairs, sun loungers, a hammock. These are wicker, wooden and plastic furniture. Children will love the colorful playground with a slide, sandbox, trampoline, football goal, and inflatable pool.
  • Design of the site:
    Draw paths made of tiles, paving stones, stone or crushed stone. Flowers and low-growing shrubs can be planted along the borders. In the “Reservoirs” section there are ponds, fountains, and swimming pools. Then add lighting fixtures and decor. A figurine of a gnome or stork will greet your guests.


  • Precise drawing of areas:
    You can set the exact length and width, and then change the coverage of the area. There are different types of soil, high and low lawn, sand, etc.
  • Houses and outbuildings:
    Select the house you like, build a fence and add the buildings you need. There is a bathhouse, a garage, a summer kitchen, a woodshed, a well, and cozy gazebos.
  • More than 120 types of plants:
    Plan your garden and vegetable garden, decorate the entrance area with flowers. You can create a luxurious flowerbed or alpine slide, or put up a flower pot.
  • Realistic 3D designs:
    Change the size, color and texture of objects until
    you achieve the desired result. Switch the time of day to evaluate the finished design.



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