GIMP 2.10.34

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Activation:Freeware _
OS:Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7
Bit depth:x32-bit | x64-bit
Size:304 MB
File type:rar
Category:Graphic editor
Language:Russian, English and others
Developer:The GIMP Team

GIMP is a free graphics editor that allows you to work with layers, apply various effects, use gradient filters, successfully use custom templates and much, much more. If you need something else to perform complex professional work, you can significantly expand the program’s capabilities using more than a hundred plugins. It allows you to work simultaneously with several open images, is also endowed with a basically unlimited number of “forward” and “backward”, supports transparency (alpha channels), and can be expanded through external applications and Script-Fu. Ability to use Python scripting, Scheme, Perl and other skills including animation. You can download the latest version of “GIMP” in Russian for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 for free using the link below.

Basic tools:

GIMP has a fairly good set of color correction tools:

  • curves
  • levels
  • channel mixer
  • posterization
  • hue-saturation
  • color balance
  • brightness-contrast
  • bleaching

Using filters, tools, masks and layers with different types of overlay (22 in total), you can:

  • level the littered horizon
  • remove distortions introduced by optics
  • adjust perspective
  • perform object cloning taking into account perspective
  • crop photos
  • remove defects such as dust on the matrix (stamp, healing brush)
  • simulate the use of various color filters
  • “pull out” lost detail in the shadows
  • much more


  • several drawing tools
  • freely scalable brushes
  • graphics tablet support

Additional options for image correction throughout the work are implemented in the form of screen filters:

  • imitation of different types of color blindness (protanopia, deuteronopia, tritanopia)
  • gamma correction
  • contrast correction
  • color management

Customizable interface:

  • floating palettes are easy to group and regroup
  • complete reconfiguration of keyboard shortcuts, mouse actions, and devices is possible
  • input like Griffin Powermate
  • any menu can be turned into a freely movable window


  • Complete set of tools including brushes, pencil, sprayer, stamp, etc.
  • Reasonable use of memory, in which the image size is limited only by the free space on the hard drive.
  • Sub-pixel sampling for all drawing tools, providing high-quality anti-aliasing.
  • Full alpha channel support for working with transparency.
  • Layers and channels.
  • PostScript support
  • Automation in Python
  • Procedural database for calling GIMP internal functions from external applications such as "Script-Fu"
  • Advanced scripting capabilities.
  • Multiple undo and redo actions, limited only by free space on your hard drive.
  • Transformation tools including rotate, scale, warp and flip.
  • Supported file formats include GIF, JPEG, PNG, XPM, TIFF, TGA, MPEG, PS, PDF, PCX, BMP and many more.
  • Selection tools including rectangular, elliptical, free marquee, magic wand, bezier curves, and smart selection
  • Add-ons that make it easy to add support for new formats and filters.


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