EditPlus 5.6 build 4252 Portable

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Version:5.6 build 4252 Portable
Activation:Not required (full version / key included)
OS:Windows 11, 10
Bit depth:x64-bit
Size:3.47 MB
File type:rar
Category:Text editors
Language:Russian English

EditPlus is a text editor for Windows that can read texts of various formats and encodings. The program features syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, PERL, C/C, Java, javascript and VBScript. The program has a multi-window interface, a built-in web browser for previewing HTML or Java applets. The editor can serve as an excellent replacement for the standard Windows Notepad and, at the same time, has many powerful and convenient features for web page creators, program translators, programmers, etc. Key editor features include syntax highlighting for various file types, HTML toolbar, custom toolbars, line numbers, ruler, web and email address highlighting, auto-completion, built-in text clips, column highlighting, powerful search and replace, including search for a specific phrase in a group of files, multiple undo and restore, spell checker module (downloaded separately), customizable hot keys, etc. download the free cracked version of “ EditPlus ” in Russian for Windows 11, 10 from the link below.

  • The program has an intuitive MDI (multi-window) interface;
  • Powerful and easily customizable syntax highlighting for various file types (HTML, CSS, PHP, ASP, Perl, C/C, Java, javascript, VBScript, etc.).
  • Syntax highlighting files for many other file types can be additionally downloaded from the editor's dedicated page: User Files.
  • A full-fledged browser built into the program for previewing created web pages, following links, and viewing local files.
  • Built-in FTP commands to send local files to an FTP server or to directly edit files on the server.
  • Highlighting Internet and email addresses in plain text files allows you to follow links.
  • The HTML panel allows you to easily insert common HTML tags, as well as tag selected text. In addition, the panel contains other tools for HTML (HTML color palette, symbol table, table generator and object selection menu).
  • A customizable document panel allows you to easily switch between open documents and perform common actions on open documents (open, save, split, etc.). You can create your own toolbars, place them in the tool groups you need, assign help files, programs, and files with recorded macros to buttons.
  • Autocompletion is a time-saving feature that replaces a short abbreviation into a completed string.
  • The clip window contains libraries of text fragments designed for quick insertion into a document.
  • Document templates allow you to quickly create a new document.
  • The automatic word hyphenation mode allows you to conveniently edit long lines.
  • Full drag and drop support.
  • Find and replace commands can process regular expressions. In the search, it is possible to set markers (marks) in the found lines, which make it easy to navigate to these markers from any part of the document.
  • The program can show non-printable characters.

The portable version of the program works without installation on your computer.


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