Calendar Design 18.0

Version: 18.0
Activation: Shareware
OS: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista
Bit capacity: x32-bit | x64-bit
Size: 162 MB
File type: exe
Category: Photo editors
Updated: 05.01.2024
Language: Russian, English and others
Developer: AMS Software

"Calendar Design" this is a convenient program from the developers AMS Software to create beautiful calendars with photos for any year or month. All you have to do is choose the format and design of the project, add photos - and get an excellent result. The program includes a huge selection of high-quality calendar templates. A personal calendar is not only a great gift for friends and family, but also an excellent promotional product for your business. You can download the latest version of “Calendar Design” for free from the official website in Russian for Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista using the link below.

Calendar Design Calendar Design Calendar Design 3
  • Ability to add anniversaries of important events.
  • Create calendars for any year or month.
  • Various options for calendar grid layout.
  • More than fifty ready-made design options and design templates.
  • Setting up and editing holidays.
  • Select the font and color for the calendar title, month names and days.
  • Add photos as a background or on top of a composition.
  • Designing photos using frames and masks.
  • Using a background to highlight the calendar grid.
  • Ready-made sets of holidays: state, including transfers, religious.
  • Possibility of creating calendars with collages.
  • Choice of sheet format - from pocket to wall.
  • Ready-made background images, divided by topic.
  • Export to various file formats and print.


  • Any types of calendars:
    You can create a wide variety of calendars: pocket, wall, desktop; for a whole year, quarter or one month. Choose any sheet format, composition and design style. Multi-page calendars are supported.
  • Hundreds of ready-made templates:
    Create beautiful calendars in just a few clicks. The rich collection of design templates includes many calendar styles and options. Edit ready-made templates or create your own unique design.
  • Personal calendar:
    The Calendar Design program allows you to create a truly unique calendar: add any number of photos, as well as inscriptions and clipart. You can insert a photo into any cell of the calendar grid.
  • Setting up holidays:
    You can easily add and edit holidays. Each holiday can be highlighted with a special color. Work with groups of holidays is supported: state, religious, professional, etc.
  • Quick calendar printing:
    Calendar maker software allows you to print calendars on a variety of paper sizes. Any inkjet and laser printers, as well as professional printing equipment, are supported.
  • Advertising calendars:
    The program allows you to create a high-quality advertising calendar in just a few minutes! You can add your logo or any other graphics, as well as place contact information, descriptions of products and services.
  • Support of any languages:
    It is possible to create calendars in Russian, English, German, French and many other languages, as well as add new languages. It is possible to produce calendars with month headings in two languages simultaneously.
  • Simple and accessible to everyone:
    Thanks to the convenient interface in Russian, you can quickly master all the features of the program. Calendar design does not require knowledge of graphic design and printing. Have fun creating calendars.

Calendar designs include:

  • Ready-made sets of holidays: state, including transfers, religious.
  • A unique opportunity to create calendars with collages.
  • Choice of any sheet format - from pocket to wall A4, A3, A2.
  • Ready-made background images, divided by topic.
  • Export to various file formats and print.
  • Create multi-page and desktop calendars.
  • Create your own design templates.

Home Features:

  • Creation of gift calendars.
  • Add any number of photos.
  • Convenient printing on an inkjet or laser printer.
  • Easy to learn, accessible program interface.

Business Opportunities:

  • Saving in CMYK standard for printing in a printing house.
  • Export to Photoshop for professional processing.
  • Creation of advertising and corporate calendars.
  • High quality printing of calendars with photographs.

Examples of calendars:

Calendar Design 4 Calendar Design 5
Calendar Design 6 Calendar Design 7
Calendar Design 8 Calendar Design 9
Calendar Design 10 Calendar Design 11
Calendar Design 12 Calendar Design 13



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