Abelssoft Win10PrivacyFix 2023 5.0.42337 Portable

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Activation:Not required (full version / key included)
OS:Windows 10
Bit depth:x32-bit | x64-bit
Size:2.74 MB
File type:rar
Language:Russian, English and others

Abelssoft Win10PrivacyFix is ​​a program that allows you to disable services for collecting personal data from users in the Windows 10 operating system. The program will help solve all Windows 10 problems that violate the user's right to privacy when working with a PC. You can download the free cracked version of “Abelssoft Win10PrivacyFix” in Russian for Windows 10 from the link below.

Abelssoft Win10PrivacyFixAbelssoft Win10PrivacyFixAbelssoft Win10PrivacyFix
  • Tools for every Windows 10 user:
    Windows 10 exchanges a lot of local information in the background with central Microsoft servers. Even if the transferred data ultimately serves the convenience of the user, some users fear for their privacy - and would like to decide for themselves what information the system transmits to Microsoft servers and what it does not. This is where the Win10PrivacyFix tools help. They are very easy to use and allow you to turn various settings on and off with just one click. Win10PrivacyFix tools prevent, for example, the microphone from being constantly active or keyboard recordings from being constantly transmitted. Microsoft data collection servers are blocked and critical services are simply disabled.
  • Put an end to spying on Windows:
    If the balance between convenience and privacy is not achieved, individual options such as “BingSearch” or “page suggestions” can simply be reactivated. In addition to purely private options, the tool offers several additional settings. For example, you can delay the update, disable web results in Windows Search, or prevent restarts after the update. In its current version, the tool offers the ability to remove programs that were force-installed by the Anniversary Update. Some of the programs cannot be removed in the usual way for users.
  • Select optimization mode:
    Before running the program, 1-click optimization selects what Windows is allowed to know about you and what it is not.

The portable version of the program works without installation on your computer.

ATTENTION!!! Do not restart your computer from the program. Close the program before rebooting.


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