360 Extreme Explorer 13.5.2036.0 + Portable

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Version:13.5.2036.0 + Portable
Activation:Freeware _
OS:Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista
Bit depth:x32-bit | x64-bit
Size:121 MB
File type:rar
Language:Russian English
Developer:Qihoo 360 Software

360 Extreme Explorer is a browser that can be safely called multifunctional and secure, it is aimed at combating the threats that surround you when surfing the Internet. If we consider the appearance: it is convenient to use, quite informative, plus frequently visited sites will be displayed as thumbnails on a new tab. You can download the latest version of “360 Extreme Explorer” in Russian for Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, Vista for free using the link below.

360 Extreme Explorer360 Extreme Explorer360 Extreme Explorer
Browser Features:
  • Dual engine: based on Webkit and IE web engines
  • Built-in browser acceleration mechanism
  • Video Popup: Allows you to place videos in a separate window on top of others
  • Built-in Ad Filter module
  • Customizable theme, resizable with DirectWrite font rendering system
  • Secure Web Surfing: Filters phishing and malicious URLs
  • Mouse Gestures: Press and hold the right mouse button you can easily execute various commands
  • Customizable drop-down list in the address bar
  • Boss Key to quickly hide the browser with mute, via keyboard shortcut (default Alt + X)
  • Flexibility in setting many parameters not available in the original Chromium
  • Protecting user personal information from Google tracking components

About Portable version:

1. Installation of the program combined in one distribution package or unpacking a portable (based on the bootloader from Cento8) version
2. Possibility of installing a crack (WatsonRus)
3. Patch chrome.dll and 360chrome.exe (TheBarmaley based on the El Sanchez patch) which performs:

  • Basic fixes and changes
  • Replacing links from the Chinese extension store to the Chrome WebStore.
  • Replacing the search engine of the Haosou service with Google for the translation function.
  • Replacing the Chinese search suggestions service with Google suggestions.
  • Replacement of national top-level domains .cn, .hk, .tw with .ru in search and other URLs.
  • Delete telemetry, tracking items, sending statistics and crash reports
  • Opening a standard new page instead of the start page hao.360.cn.
  • Disabling integrity check of plug-in modules (Russian screenshoter, etc.).
  • Translation from Chinese into Russian of individual hard-coded lines in the interface of windows and dialogs.
  • Fixed the problem of incorrect display of Asian language fonts (“squares”).
  • Data exchange with “suspicious” domains (telemetry and statistics collection) is disabled.
  • The exchange of data with Chinese services that impose the delivery of content (promotion) is disabled.
  • Checking for “obsolescence” of Adobe Flash modules is disabled (for browsers of the 12th and 13th lines).
  • Some of the “cloudy” URLs have been replaced with a standard blank page (about:blank).


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